Civil 3d Create Surface From Contours

This is a great way to make a drawing look pretty. From the ribbon go to Home Create Ground Data menu expand the Points dropdown and select Convert AutoCAD Points.

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Confirm that TIN surface is selected as Type.

Civil 3d create surface from contours. Start by creating a new drawing using a Drawing Template that has a Civil 3D set up preferably yours. Creating a Surface from GIS contour data can result in very large surfaces. Create a new Civil 3D TIN surface from Prospector or Ribbon.

Contours are simply a product of the surface not the other way around. On the Prospector tab of the Toolspace right-click on Surfaces and select Create Surface. In the style the surface is using you can toggle on the option to smooth the contours.

How do you turn this 2D data into 3D data easily to create a Civil 3D surface In the linked video I will use Map 3D tools from. Since youre using Civil 3D Im not sure if the Civil Object Enabler will install but Id give it a try. Select the desired Surface.

For visualization purposes 05 m contour intervals were turned on. Again for visualization purposes 05 m contour intervals were turned on. For best results add the contour data in a single operation.

Add data to. They should be able to send you an XML file. Best case would be to ask them for the surface.

Now lets turn on the contour layer to bring in the contours data. The root of the problem is contour data sucks At any point on a surface that was created from contours the elevation of the surface can be off by up to the contour interval 2 contours the. Using the previous steps create a surface and name it Prelim-EG.

The styles are viewing geometry settings that are created in AutoCAD where are defined the type of. In the image on the right a surface model was created in Civil 3D from from a 1 m DEM. Insert the drawing that has the contours and explode it.

In order to create a Civil 3D surface from AutoCAD Points convert them to COGO points first. You can type MAPIMPORT in Civil 3D Make sure to select ESRI Shapefile on the Files of type drop down or open directly a DXF file Make sure the design has a coordinate system CRS set up. In Toolspace on the Prospector tab expand the surface Definition collection right-click Contours and click Add.

We are going to create a preliminary existing ground surface just to learn how to create a surface from contours. Optimally as the workflow should be to. Set values in Create Surface dialog.

If want to create a Civil 3D TIN Surface using these Polylines first you need to create an empty TinSurface by using TinSurfaceCreate API and then using SurfaceOperationAddContourAddContours API you need to add the Polylines to the TinSurface. Create a Civil 3D Surface from 2D GIS Contour Data – Seiler Design Solutions. You have GIS contour data of a site in SHP file format.

Select the points on the screen to create COGO points. It will take the contours and smooth them out. This is only editing the display of the surface.

Brian Im just learning to create 3d surfaces from contour lines for estimating purposes now Im fearing that even if I get civil3d come up with volumes my quantities might be off since you mention. To generate a surface file on Civil 3D from contours you will need to import the shapefile SHP. The two images below were created from the exact same lidar point cloud.

You could be off by almost as much as the contour interval and wouldnt know it. You import the data into your design only to find out it is in 2D. Civil 3D – Creating a surface from existing contours Polylines – YouTube.

They cant have AEC Contours without creating a surface first. You can add contour data to an existing TIN surface. This will represent the existing surface created from preliminary contours data.

Yes creating a surface from contours is a bad thing and we simply will not do it unless we absolutely have to. If this is the case Civil 3D has tools that make creating a surface from 3D faces or 3D lines representing a TIN both accurate and easy. How to create contours with AutoCAD Civil 3D 1.

At the Create Surface step assign the Name Style and Render Material. In the image on the left a surface model was created in Civil 3D from 1 m contours. With a simple MAPCLEAN command we are able to reduce the surface to one tenth of the original size.

Set the Prompt For Descriptions option to Automatic. To do this on the pane toolbar select surfaces right-click mouse by choosing create. Civil 3D – Creating a surface from existing contours Polylines Watch later.

You can smooth the contours of the surface.

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