Contour Hybrid Climbing Skins

The hybrid adhesive technology makes them are super easy to use. The Contour Hybrid Mix is well balanced except when it comes to glue performance.

Contour Skins And Their Innovative Hybrid Glue Technology

The latest incarnation of this skin is the Hybrid.

Contour hybrid climbing skins. Well winter is over and its time to give you readers some feedback on these topographic map patterned skins. The upper layer sticks the skin firmly to the ski even at low temperatures. 70 mohair 30 nylon blend is a good all-around fiber formula.

Trimmable 95 mm skins with easy-to-mount rubber tip fix. Contour Hybrid Climbing Skins 2019-2020 Review. The lower layer binds the upper layer of adhesive to the skin backing.

The company has a strong European following due to the quality and durability of their skins. 125 cm long suitable for skis up to 140 cm. With 40 years of experience they are the masters of selecting treating and fixing mohair reliably under your skis.

Contour Hybrids glue keeps the skin secure on the ski but is significantly easier to rip off than the G3 or Black Diamond glue when its time to head downhill. Contour Hybrid Mix Climbing Skins Review. Hello Select your address All.

16050 Table Mountain Parkway 600 Golden CO 80403. The Hybrid Mix skins offer the benefits of newer glue formulas with the reliability of traditional fare. The Contour Hybrid climbing skin is an excellent all-round option for those who want a mohairnylon mix skin thats low-maintenance packable and light.

April 28 2019 Mike Comments 3 comments. Toying with trying the Contour hybrid not sure about the actual model yet but wondering about the glue utility in the PNW where due to the warmer winter temperatures and moisture everywhere it is more likely for the glue to get wet. By Lou Dawson May 13 2020.

Contour is an Austrian manufacturer that was the first to use mohair on climbing skins. As one of the most unique natural fibres available Mohair has all the qualities needed for climbing skins. Attached adjustable tail clips fit.

It is easy to remove and does not leave any residue on the ski base. Need to pick up a pair of climbing skins for my 184cm Cham 107 122107137. The mohair blend Colltex Mohair Mix and Contour Hybrid Mix both glide similar to one another and.

Contour Hybrid Kids Climbing Skin. Inherently good climbing skins are going to be compromises. Earlier this season I posted a first look at Contours Hybrid Mix climbing skins and mentioned that I would be doing a long term test this winter.

Well balanced in all attributes great glue. Glue is easy to pull apart and can be washed to refresh the tack. Step-by-step instructions how to easily trim contour hybrid skins with the new offset trim tool.

Incidentally while the earlier Hybrid skin glue-side was a light tan color these are black. Use them to clean and. Get answers to your questions on contour products.

To make these stick reliably you need to be diligent with various glue preservation techniques in the field. The blended skins like the Pomoca Climb Pro S Glide Colltex Combin Mohair and Kohla Vacuum Base Zero have virtually indistinguishable glide characteristics. No tail hook just trim to fit the length of the ski.

Expensive largest and heaviest messenger. Contour Kids Skin Start Up Adaptor 29900 Contour Hybrid Mix Splitboard Climbing Skin 135Mm 180Cm 33900 Skeats Stainless Steel 85mm Glide Fin Skin Cleats Pair 9500 Contour Kids Start Up Adaptor 19900 Contour Hybrid Mix Free Split Skins 27900 Contour Hybrid Mix Climbing Skin – 115mm 32900 Head Kore 93 Ski 124900 Swix Triac 3. While for the reasons we noted above skin weight is difficult to quantify the Pomoca Race Pro 20 and Black Diamond.

Useful tutorials for contour hybrid trimming skins fitting skins etc. Hybrid is the first ever twin layer adhesive technology for climbing skins. Like any climbing skin Contour Hybrids should be kept out of direct sunlight and long-term stored with liners and no sharp folds roll them up.

The Volkl Blaze 106 skins fall somewhere between the Black Diamond UltraLite and Pomoca Climb 20 Contour Hybrid Mix in terms of suppleness and packability better than average but not exceptionally supple or packable. Hybrid glue technology offers good adhesion even in low temperatures. Blister Buyers Guide.

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