Contour Pillow Which Side To Use

Let us understand precisely what the contour memory foam pillow is and how beneficial it is. If you are a side sleeper a contour wedge pillow is for you.

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It can also act as an acid reflux wedge pillow for side sleepers.

Contour pillow which side to use. If youre a bigger person use the bigger side. Lie down so that your neck and head are resting comfortably in. By placing a contour pillow under your neck you maintain proper alignment.

The pillows high loft can be beneficial for back sleepers particularly those who snore. If youre a smaller person use the smaller side. Proper body alignment is essential for warding off muscle pain and relieving muscle tension headaches.

Is a contour pillow good for side sleepers. Remove all of the standard pillows from your side of the bed and set the contour pillow down with the contoured side up onto the bed. Rests your neck on a higher hump if you are a side sleeper.

The Tempur Contour Side-to-Back pillow is specifically designed for back and side sleepers who find themselves rolling over in the night between these positionsWith raised edges this pillow will gently support the neck for side sleepers and with a less supportive softer middle will align the spine for back sleeping. Initially the contoured pillow is a memory foam pillow uniquely designed in a curved shape where it is slightly submerged in the center. The side sleeping position places the head higher than the mattress so having a pillow like a contour pillow that provides an elevated surface to rest your head on is vital for side sleepers.

Many side sleepers feel pressure in the shoulders and hips because their mattress is not supportive enough. Tempur Contour Side-to-Back Pillow. We want to take a look at the how as well as some of the best reasons why you should use a contour pillow.

You can also use the bigger side if you are trying to maintain a chiropractic neck adjustment for the angle of your neck curvature. But remember one thing place your pillow underneath your head. A medium feel ensures close contouring without too much sinkage while the 6-inch profile should offer adequate support for side sleepers.

If youre still unsure how to sleep on a contour pillow on your back you want to have the larger side of the pillow underneath your neck to fill the gap. This position will keep your neck or spine in the right alignment. You can use a contour pillow to avoid pressure and body pain because the curves support your head neck and shoulders.

What is a contour memory foam pillow. Sleeping on which side of contour Pillow depends on your sleeping position. Place the flat side of your pillow down and orient the pillow with the larger of the two curves toward the foot of your bed.

Sleeping on your left side will help in better digestion. This way there is no deviation in your spine that can cause discomfort. Contour pillows help keep the neck and back correctly aligned.

That way you can have more control over your spine and as you sleep you can use the contour pillows to help you get into a more upright position. Pillows with mid-level firmness are usually the best choice for side sleepers because they provide a balance of contouring and support. If youre more of a side sleeper and a smaller person just use the small side.

How to use a Contour Memory Foam Pillow. Our Contoured Orthopedic Pillow cradles the natural curvature of your neck provides proper support and aligns your spine while you sleep so you never wake up with pain in your neck shoulders or back again. A standard pillowcase is acceptable although there are cases especially made for contour pillows.

This will provide maximum support for your head and neck regardless of whether you sleep on your side or your back. The curves and contours on it will follow the curves of your neck and shoulders keeping your spine in perfect alignment. It is important to use the pillow correctly to enjoy the full benefits a contour pillow.

But this is for back sleepers. The larger end of the pillow should run underneath the hollow of your neck when you lie down with the curve of your neck resting in a natural position on top of this hump. Settle into your pillow and let your head sink in.

The center of the contour pillow dips down to cradle the head while sleeping and the contoured edges ensure proper neck alignment of side sleepers. The center dip allows the neck and spine to form curves according to the texture of the upper body. In fact you may have more fun with a memory foam pillow if you are going to be lying down and sleeping on your side.

Lie your Contour Memory Foam Pillow on your bed so that the slimmer side of the pillow runs in line with the head of the bed. This is a problem as using a contour pillow incorrectly can cause damage to your neck and spine. Without a contour pillow you may sleep at an odd angle creating or making existing pain worse.

Many people who favor this position are prone to snoring because their heads arent sufficiently elevated.

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