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I was a candidate for PRK and Lasik. CONTOURA Vision is a revolutionary breakthrough technology in corrective eye surgery that features cutting edge topography-guided laser vision correction.

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Reduced or absent dependence on glasses.

Contoura lasik near me. Im trying not to let price be too much of an influence Technology. Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK. Eye doctors of LASIK in Orange County inform us that the way they choose between the two procedures is through a series of comprehensive eye examinations and discussions with the patient about their vision needs.

My corneas are on the thinner side a little over 500 microns so I had 3 consults before deciding to proceed with Contoura Lasik. The LASIK Vision Institute the leading laser eye surgery provider in the country offers the latest in LASIK technology nationwide. Georgia Center for Sight now offers Contoura LASIK.

If it did matter Id reconsider. In this video our Lasik Surgeon Dr. So Kremer uses a VISX Star S4 IR laser plus iDesign.

Contoura is nothing but 20 years old technology called TOPOGUIDED. Contoura Vision is the latest FDA approved lasik procedure which optimally reduces the corneal irregularities of your eyes. Contoura is the trade name of Alcons topography-guided LASIK.

Currently 5 days post op. Topography-Guided Contoura LASIK for Specialized Vision Correction. Aditi Manudhane MS DNB FICO FAICO MNAMS demonstrates LIVE surgery of Contoura Vision Bladefree LASIK.

It is the latest and most advanced FDA approved LASIK technology available in the United States for laser vision correction. This topography-guided version of LASIK utilizes advanced technology that can essentially map out the patients cornea and create a custom procedure to correct their refractive errors. Contoura Vision offers 2 more advantages over LASIK and SMILE.

Contoura Vision with the help of a Topolyser is able to map these irregularities using 22000 unique data points then correct these correct these irregularities creating an optically perfect surface of the cornea giving you sharpness unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE procedure. Contoura Vision technology is a boon for patients suffering from different refractive errors. Differences between CONTOURA Vision Alcon and other LASIK diagnostic procedures were clear from the start.

With new revolutionized laser technology Contoura Vision Correction is designed to improve sight drastically more than the standard LASIK treatment. Left -525 right -4 with mild astigmatism. Contoura vision is the latest US-FDA approved technology for specs removal.

Approved by the FDA Topographic LASIK is the latest and most advanced technology on the market providing the. Topography-guided LASIK is designed to correct the patients nearsightedness and astigmatism while helping to preserve vision quality including night vision. Lesser sensitivity towards light less glare.

When you read that after a CONTOURA Vision procedure over 30 of eyes have UCVA that exceeds preoperative BCVA 1 you know that CONTOURAs WaveLight Topolyzer Vario Alcon component is producing measurements that are different from manifest refraction. Better quality of vision. LVI quoted me at around 4000 and Kremer at 4900.

If youre already excited about laser correction and are looking up Contoura LASIK near me then you should know that the FDA approved Contoura in 2015. Contoura Vision creates a Highly Precise and Accurate map of a patients eyes measuring up to 22000. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment designed to provide a more personalized laser procedure for patients with nearsightedness or nearsightedness with astigmatism based on the unique corneal topography of each eye.

Decrease in difficulty during night driving. While LASIK and SMILE just correct your specs number Contoura Vision in addition to correcting your specs number also corrects your corneal irregularities and works on Visual Axis the natural seeing axis of eye. And LASIK Vision Institute uses an EX500 laser plus Contoura.

5 days post op after contoura lasik. Its possible Id be able to negotiate LVIs quote down. This innovative treatment optimizes the corneal surface of the eye while diagnosing imperfections to enhance vision to the.

A new name is given to the 20 years old technology and marketed by few peoplePlease donot be misguided by the new nameTopoguided or Contoura is also a Lasik procedure in which th. Michael George and his staff at Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center are pleased to be the first facility in the state of Texas to perform Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIKThis new LASIK technology represents the next generation of vision correcting refractive surgery. The LASIK surgeon in Orange County informs us that Lasik and Contoura are two eye surgery procedures that are believed to be excellent variants of laser vision correction.

It has many benefits but a few risks too. As per the clinical studies Contoura Vision Eye Surgery has helped 30 of the patients achieve better than 66 vision an ability to see at.

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