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Contoura Vision is the only technology where consistent success beyond 2020 vision has been achieved in the majority of patients. This great leap in technology has set new standards in LASER vision corrections all over the world.

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Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery costs 48000 INR for both the eyes and with SBK Technology or INR it is 70000 INR with 100 Blade Free Technology.

Contoura vision in bangalore. For last 2 years wanted to perform lasik and luckily my power -625 was constant for one year. Contoura Vision Centers in India Contoura Vision technology is also available in India now. The difference in these axis is 5 degrees.

Contoura vision Lasik is a Topography Guided Lasik Surgery and is FDA approved latest technology for astigmatism and improvement of vision. CONTOURA Vision is the latest FDA approved LASIK technology available in the INDIA for laser vision correction and Price Vision Group is proud to be the fir. Opposed to which LASIK is limited to vision correction solely.

Contoura vision cost in bangalore. Contoura Vision creates a Highly Precise and Accurate map of a patients eyes. Each cornea is different like your finger print Contoura analyses 22000 unique points on your cornea and create a truly personalised LASER treatment profile.

I had my Contoura Vision Lasik surgery done just yesterday from the Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon with Dr. Contoura Vision is the new US FDA approved Topography guided LASIK. Contoura Vision Surgery is gaining popularity in the Indian market.

When compared to LASIK and SMILE Contoura has given unmatched outcomes in the field of eye correction treatments. 21 yrs old Male asked about About contoura vision 1 doctor answered this and 79 people found it useful. So I used to keep eye drops with me at all times so I could take the 10 second.

Additionally 135 could read two additional lines on the. Srilatha Gunasekaran as the surgeon. However a survey of fees for Contoura Vision surgery in Delhi showed that there is not much difference in cost between Contoura Vision and bladeless LASIK surgery for a far superior outcome of vision correction.

The main reasons for the popularity of Contoura Vision in India are its effectiveness and the fact that the procedure is entirely pain-free. Contoura Vision in Delhi can help you get a perfect optical surface along with a never seen before superior visual with Lasik procedures. More than 40 of the patients that were evaluated were able to read one additional line on the visual acuity chart than that of a patient with 2020 vision.

It maps 22000 unique points on your cornea to precisely treat. Finally was able to find the right institution – Karthik netralaya through one of my friend. I had a lasik with contoura vision at Karthik Netralaya.

LASIK LASER EYE SURGERY COST IN DELHI People have always wondered how costly it can be to get a proper Lasik treatment. Contoura Vision Surgery is offered in several Indian states including New Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Gurugram and Chennai. She specializes in LASIKlaser vision correction keratoconus treatment cataract and ICLrefractive lens surgery corneal transplantation keratoplasty limbal stem cell transplantation ocular surface disorders and reconstruction.

In fact when evaluating quality of vision that is visual acuity combined with visual symptoms Contoura vision performed better than. While laser procedures such as LASIK and SMILE treat on Pupillary Axis Contoura Vision treatment is directed towards Visual Axis providing you much sharper visual outcomes compared to LASIK and SMILE. I had contoura vision 7 months back from Eye7 and so far Ive not faced any serious side effects as such except the eye dryness issue which lasted for nearly 3 months.

They have excellent procedural systems and top quality team. Sanghamitra Burman is a Consultant Eye Surgeon in Bangalore India. Get your query answered 247 only on Practo Consult.

The Lasik can provide you with a standard 66 2020 vision whereas Contoura offers a better result with up to 65 2016 vision or better. A bladeless LASIK procedure in Delhi may vary in cost between 75000 and 90000 approx while the fees for a Contoura Vision. A line passing through the line of sight in the eye.

Contoura Vision Correction Surgery Post 16 Best hospital in Bangalore for Contoura Vision surgery When choosing the best hospital in Bangalore for Contoura Vision surgery you need to take into. The most premier eye institutes in the country which are at par with the best in the world in terms of patient care access to technology and surgeon expertise have introduced this technology at a hospital near you. Contoura creates a completely personalized treatment which is unique to your eyes by creating a profile for treatment by mapping 22000 unique points on your cornea.

An average range for LASIK is 4000 to 5000 for both eyes. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment designed to provide a more personalized laser procedure for patients with nearsightedness or nearsightedness with astigmatism based on the unique corneal topography of each eye. The appointments and tests were very well done and handled even the surgery itself was very smooth.

Contoura Vision is the latest and most advanced technology designed to enhance vision and involves the use of a diagnostic device called the topolyser which provides a highly precise and accurate mapping of the eye with 22000 unique elevation points for each eye.

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