Contoura Vision Vs Wavefront Lasik

Contoura Vision topography-guided LASIK. The terms can get quite confusing.

Contoura Vision Contoura Lasik Topography Guided Lasik

Some of the patients experience corrections better than 66.

Contoura vision vs wavefront lasik. Conventional LASIK customized wavefront LASIK and topography-guided LASIK. Refractive and visual outcomes were analyzed 3 months postoperatively. The study comprised 43 patients.

The data is programmed into the laser which provides a customized procedure with more accurate results. In 2015 the FDA approved the latest and the greatest in terms of customized LASIK. Traditional LASIK wave-front only.

Patients had topography-guided LASIK in 1 eye and wavefront-optimized LASIK in the contralateral eye using Contoura Vision software and the WaveLight EX500 excimer laser. This is important because the cornea is the location of most of the imperfections that can make vision less than ideal. Simply stated Contoura Vision is a highly advanced precise and individualized LASIK treatment.

That said while conventional LASIK surgery costs slightly above 2000 custom LASIK costs between 4000 and 6000 for both eyes. Ashish Bansal Explains Differences Between Contoura vision eye surgery Topography La. Wavefront LASIK costs more than traditional LASIK.

Whether youre a candidate for Contoura Vision LASIK standard wavefront-optimized LASIK SMILE or an implantable collamer lens can only be determined during your consultation and eye evaluation. 8-10 In fact a recent study showed that 889 of patients who underwent topo-guided LASIK surgery had uncorrected distance visual acuity UDVA of 2020 or better at 6 months after surgery compared with 826 who underwent wavefront-guided LASIK surgery. Contoura Vision Vs Lasik Vs Smile- What US FDA Clinical Trials Tell Us Clinical trials are mandatory before any technology or treatment modality can be offered to the doctors and patients alike.

Compared to wavefront procedures CONTOURA Vision induces fewer aberrations and gives patients a clear cornea with less tissue ablation and possibly better contrast sensitivity. HD Vision Lasik iDesign Refractive Studio or HDV 20- In This Video Dr. The theory being that topographic treatment treats only the corneal abberations the corneal wavefront.

If your eye surgeon opts for a combined wavefront and bladeless LASIK procedure these costs can increase further. 10 In addition the patients who underwent wavefront-guided LASIK. 3 It certainly makes sense to me to try a procedure with those outcomes and I think that a lot of other wavefront surgeons out there would reach the same conclusion.

Smile Vs Contoura Vision Lasik Eye Laser Surgery for Specs Removal – YouTube. Contoura Vision is based on the foundation of topography providing a precise mapping of 22000 points of the cornea. What Is The Difference Between Contoura Surgery And Lasik Surgery.

Difference between LASIK and Contoura vision is that LASIK measurements include all parts of the eye along the visual pathway and topography measurements include only the cornea. Smile Vs Contoura Vision Lasik Eye Laser Surgery for Specs Removal. Ronald Krueger MD explains how CONTOURA Vision allows surgeons to treat patients at the level of the cornea without inducing aberrations.

The US FDA mandates these and makes sure they are monitored and analyzed in great detail before granting approval to any technology. What is Contoura Vision. There are three general approaches to giving the laser information about how to go about its job of sculpting a new shape into the cornea to improve vision without glasses or contacts.

Since the introduction of Wavefront LASIK has continued to evolve and become even more precise. Guided vs Optimized vs Guided Contoura Advanced wavefront technologies have established a new standard in the precise measurement and correction of vision problems allowing optometrists to accurately diagnose and subsequently treat. They differ in how measurements are taken of the eye and in turn these measurements are used to.

Contoura brand of topographic-guided laser eye surgery tends to have statistically improved outcomes in terms of correcting people to 2010 2012 2015 vision compared to ocular wavefront approaches used on some of the other laser platforms. In both groups the postoperative uncorrected. The topography-guided treatment profile.

Both treatments rely on sphere and cylinder input from the surgeon while Contoura Vision also requires Topolyzer Vario measures for anterior corneal height data. A panel of physicians explains why topography-guided customized ablation treatment T-CAT is a better alternative to conventional wavefront-optimized and wavefront-customized treatment methods. Make sure you discuss all of the vision correction options LASIK and otherwise that may be available before arriving at a decision.

The results of Contoura surgery are better as compared to LASIK in terms of visual clarity and correction in refractive error. Following are some of the difference between Contoura vision surgery and LASIK. Direct comparison studies have demonstrated that topo-guided LASIK results in fewer higher-order aberrations HOAs and improved visual outcomes.

WaveLight treatments for both WFO and topography guided Contoura Vision LASIK are performed using the Allegretto Wave EyeQ 400Hz excimer laser or WaveLight EX500 excimer laser.

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