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Dynaudio contour 20 vs confidence c1. Blasting Joy Divisions Shes Lost Control the 12-inch version I once again forget that the Dynaudio Confidence C1 II speakers are small in stature because these stand-mount speakers move serious air.

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Maybe this is ok for other manufacturers but no one would feel wrong about Dynaudios styling.

Dynaudio contour 20 vs confidence c1. By Feb 20 2021 Danubius in-folio 0 comments Feb 20 2021 Danubius in-folio 0 comments. Comparison of Dynaudio Contour 20 and KEF C1 based on specifications reviews and ratings. This is not so strange.

The Contour 30 is a tall slim deceptively heavy floorstander beautifully finished with curved front and rear panels that yield an elegant one-piece look. Tube amplifiers are therefore welcome. At 6950pair stands included.

I heard the Contour 20s and really enjoyed them. The C1s are tube friendly and I must admit to being in. The change in appearance is commendable and especially the curved cabinet is a significant breakthrough.

The Confidence Platinum models are available in the finishes established with the Evidence Platinum. Seattle Area USA. The C1 Platinum can be combined with the Dynaudio Stand 6 for total consistency in performance and design.

Here is a vid of the Contour 20 being broken in with some Daft Punk visual purposes only mic was just iphone. Got my new speakers last weekend Dynaudio Contour 20 which gave me a reason to stop playing with my office rig RME ADI-2 Pro Dynaudio Lyd 5 Roon and finally set up the living room system. We have never doubted Dynaudios ability to design drive units.

Either the quality needs to be vastly improved or the price needs to come down. With a claimed LF spec of 45 Hz they practically defy physics for a speaker this size. Its just a shame that visually at least theres little to separate these exotic premium units from.

Dynaudio has borrowed the stylish Esotar 2 tweeter from the Confidence range and developed a new woofer crossover and cabinet for. Dynaudio Confidence 20 Loudspeakers Price. But they are willing to change and bring out some new changes.

Here is a comparison with the B W from Stereophile. Dynaudio New Contour 20 this newly designed new speaker is quite successful. I see nothing that justifies such a high price.

The BW 805 D3s sound louderId estimated their voltage sensitivity as 884dB B283Vm compared with the Dynaudios 842dB Band dont go as low in the bass as the open-ported Dynaudios. Posted on February 20 2021 by February 20 2021 by. Dynaudio Confidence C1 II.

We and our partners use cookies to give you the best online experience including to personalise advertising and content. Less expensive but still very expensive. Thats okaythe C1 is an inside baseball product.

Enligt min åsikt är Contour 20 faktiskt bättre än de dyrare Confidence C1. Small in Size Only. Data about your interaction with this site and the ads shown to you may be shared with companies involved in the delivery andor.

The Stand 6 is made from aluminium and features a multi-layer plinth to provide the best possible foundation for a compact speaker. But Contour is in my opinion better than even the more expensive Confidence C1. They are amazing on vocals and inner detail within the soundstage.

In many senses its difficult to know what to make of the Dynaudio Confidence C1. Its designs have featured on some of the finest speakers ever made on an OEM basis and the drivers used on the Contour 20 are terrific. Just replaced my Dynaudio Special 25s with the Cofidence C1s last week.

This is not so strange. The overall conherence is better than the 25s. Post navigation dynaudio contour 20 vs confidence c1.

Egentligen är de också en utmanare till Dynaudios egen Confidence C1 som befinner sig en klass ovanför när det gäller pris och utförande. Theres a limit to what you can do with a wooden box. Add 500 for a premium finish it isnt an impulse purchase and as a two-way stand-mounted monitor it doesnt fit many audiophiles notions of a real loudspeaker.

Det är inte så konstigt. Five Years Eight Years if Registered Australian Distributor. AU17999 includes dedicated stands Warranty.

Dynaudio contour 20 vs confidence c1. Dimensions hwd 44 x 215 x 36cm. The confidence 20 is a horribly expensive wooden box with drivers in em.

I loved the 25s but the Confidence C1s are overall a superior speaker. The combination of the C1s and the Burmester 911 is too much fun to keep the volume or choice of music at civil levels. The kef ref 1.

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