Dynaudio Special Forty Vs Contour 20

The new Dynaudio Contour i will be available in the US by August 2020. I would like to get some opinions and additional input from the forum.

Dynaudio Special Forty 40th Aniversary 2017 Dynaudio Hifi Audio Special

Here is a comparison with the B W from Stereophile.

Dynaudio special forty vs contour 20. Dynaudio has made any number of two-way standmounters of this size and with drive units that look pretty much. Die Charakteristika dieses Lautsprechers lesen sich wie aus einem Dynaudio Katalog des Gründungsjahres 1977. The Special Forty has more personality its simply more Dynaudio Its a gift that Dynaudio remains true to itself and decided to make a rather affordable anniversary model.

The BW 805 D3s sound louderId estimated their voltage sensitivity as 884dB B283Vm compared with the Dynaudios 842dB Band dont go as low in the bass as the open-ported Dynaudios. The Contour 20 is an elegant-looking two-way stand-mounted speaker and now Im about to audition another. Dynaudio Special Forty vs.

8250 per pair Contour 60i. The contour 20 and Special 40 were a meter out. There is a video comparing heritage contour 20i special 40 and evoke 20.

Evoke 20 was half that. Do I think they sound similar. Anyway i will keep this post short.

But i am wondering if the newer Dynaudio Evoke 20 will offer similar performance similar sound signature for a lower price. Bringing finest technology in an attractive. Initially I was looking at the Dynaudio S40 but after some investigation on the internet it appears that the SCM19 may have a more truthful sound and an all-round more balanced speaker.

Dynaudio contour 20 vs special 40. The Dynaudio Special Forty speakers decked out in grey and red birchwood veneers. Like new set of Dynaudio Special 40 in grey listed for 2200 on USAM today.

Dont kid yourself the S40 is a powerful little speaker with a big sound. Our first impression of Dynaudios 40th anniversary speaker is more one of mild disappointment than anything else. Dynaudio Special 40 PMC Twenty523.

The Contour 20 was more money and the Evoke 20 less and that didnt matter to me in the least. Na verdade tratam-se de dois produtos bem distintos. After listening to a pair of Dynaudio Special Forty speakers i am very tempted to buy a pair in red birch.

Exibem traços que evidenciam ser do mesmo fabricante mas. Verstärker-Empfehlung für Dynaudio Contour 20. Im looking for a high quality mid-sized bookshelf for a smallish room 32m x 7m.

Last year I moved to from 202 200 DR setup to a Nova which really worked well for me. It has that same dry formidable and authoritative dynaudio signature sound ive heard a bunch of their speakers the past year. 5250 per pair Contour 30i.

10750 per pair Contour 25Ci. Yes indeed I have special memories from my younger years with Dynaudio speakers and I have told those stories before so will refrain from repeating them but Dynaudio has been selling great high end speakers for well over 40 years now. ATC SCM19 vs Dynaudio Special 40.

The contour 20s are special. Similar in that they are the Dynaudio sound Do I think the Special 40 is the best of the lot. Ich bin seit 4 Wochen stolzer Besitzer einer Dynaudio Contour 20 die ich erstmals 2017 auf den Westdeutschen Hifi-Tagen gehört habe allerdings am Octave V80 SE mit Super Black Box in dieser Kombi ein Geniestreich.

3750 each Special Forty Dynaudio Special Forty Ebony Wave. Fazit 28 mm Gewebekalotte im Hochton 17 cm MSP-Membran im Tiefmittelton und eine 6-dB-Weiche. Now it is time to upgrade the speakers I have been quite happy with my PMC Twenty22 stand-mounts and am considering to move.

A nice speaker for sure. It is commonly held that Naim and Dynaudio go well. The Contour 20 may be a stand mount bookshelf speaker but it has the full-range power of a small tower.

Allerdings spricht ja auch das eigentlich für die Special Forty sie ist ja deutlich günstiger als die Contour 20. Dynaudio I like that its trim size is so apartment friendly at 78 x 142 x. Dynaudio contour 20 vs special 40.

It is a slight improvement upon the excite series. Contour 20 Hey all – new account on Audiogon but not new to the site. Its not that there is a lot wrong with the Special Forty – its just the design seem a little too familiar.

Special indeed Actually when I unpacked the Special Fortys I was reminded not of the Contour 20 but of Dynaudios no-longer-available Focus 110 two of which reside in the office of Stereophile publisher Keith. The Evoke 20 has a larger woofer and larger cabinet. Dynaudio contour 20i vs special 40.

More transparent but the S40 has nicer bass in my room and my room is small. The sound is a touch leaner than Dynaudios I have known but. I heard the Contour 20s and really enjoyed them.

I used to be a reviewer for a now-defunct publication and have spun off my own audio blog The Audiophile Weekend Warrior TAWW. Speakers on short wall. As far as placement goes.

The contour 20 and special 40 were a meter out. But the charm of a special Forty the flair that was something the rather distant Contour 20 couldnt reach. As Special Forty com um PVP de 3000 seriam aparentemente demasiadamente próximas em valor das Contour 20 o suficiente para concorrerem com elas.

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