How To Sleep With Contour Pillow

We want to take a look at the how as well as some of the best reasons why you should use a contour pillow. Your spine should be straight.

Comfort During Sleep With Contour Foam Pillow Without Gel Contour Pillow Foam Pillows Contour

Avoid slumping your head so that your chin is being pressed up against your neck.

How to sleep with contour pillow. This is a problem as using a contour pillow incorrectly can cause damage to your neck and spine. Specially designed to provide support to a target area a contour pillow is firmer than a standard pillow and is often constructed of high density or memory foam. Even if the pillow seems too hard at first stay with it.

Let us understand precisely what the contour memory foam pillow is and how beneficial it is. You can maximize this ergonomic shape while sleeping on your back or on the side since the larger side supports the necks hollow. To use a contour pillow consider the density of the pillow.

I was about ready to chuck the damn thing but by the third night it was like sleeping on a cloud. If you are a side sleeper a contour wedge pillow is for you. Sleeping on a contour pillow for the first time can be an adjustment that might take several days or weeks to get used to.

She sleeps with the fat end under her neck if shes on her back. How To Sleep On A Contour Pillow. It provides a much more comfortable rest without risking waking up to any stiffness or joint pain.

In a few minutes you will feel the pillow conform to your head neck and shoulders due to your body heat. To sleep on a contour memory foam pillow follow these easy steps. If you do decide to use a contour pillow you should sleep with the lower ridge towards your chest.

The curved design of contour pillows helps to reduce the increased pressure on the neck and muscle joints caused by different sleeping positions. Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck talk about contour pillows. Initially the contoured pillow is a memory foam pillow uniquely designed in a curved shape where it is slightly submerged in the center.

First lie on the pillow so that the memory foam pillows slimmer side goes along the head of your bed. My SO and I both have contour pillows and the first two nights were horrible. Sleeping on your left side will help in better digestion.

Watch the video and see what you thinkMake sure to l. It is important to use the pillow correctly to enjoy the full benefits a contour pillow. The most important thing you will do when you lay down on a contour memory foam pillow is to lay your back flat on the mattress.

Now that you understand how contour pillows work and support the intricate structures and alignment of the head neck shoulder and spine lets take a quick look at benefits of. And if you have any qualms about which size for you then go to an adjustable version such as CompleteSleeprrr in Memory Foam Original or Memory Plus or Traditional foam or perhaps Sleepezy in polyfill. Your head should be at least level with your stomach.

The larger protruding end of the pillow must run under the necks hollow as you lie down with the necks curvature resting on a neutral position on top of the pillow curve. The curves and contours on it will follow the curves of your neck and shoulders keeping your spine in perfect alignment. Should you use one.

A contour pillow is a specific type of pillow that is contoured to fit a specific part of the body ergonomically. What is a contour memory foam pillow. Squeeze gently before rinsing and squeeze again to remove the water.

It will take a little while for the foam to change position when you do. Pay the little extra and get yourself a contoured pillow that will not only support the neck and cradle the head evenly but also stand the test of time. Use a flat pillow instead to avoid neck pain.

Find out how to sleep on it for a better night and a refreshed morning. Allow the pillow to air dry completely before using. If you want to deep clean your memory foam pillow carefully submerge the pillow in a tub of lukewarm water and a little gentle washing detergent.

Hold your head straight so that you are looking up at the ceiling. This helps to keep your head close to the mattress and keep your spine in alignment. This also helps to reduce the pressure that is put onto your lower back.

Beam A contour pillow is a less costly alternative to a sleep apnea mask for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Do not elevate your head. This can constrict your airway making any snoring issues even worse.

Lie down so that your neck and head are resting comfortably in the pillows contour. However you cant sleep comfortably on a contour pillow if you sleep on your stomach because the shape does not help with the necks unnatural arching in this position. Now you couldnt take it away from me unless you were prying it from my cold dead hands.

As the foam cools it becomes stiffer. The center dip allows the neck and spine to form curves according to the texture of the upper body. Sleep with the higher hump of the contour pillow behind your neck with help from a home decorato.

Settle into your pillow and let your head sink in. The contoured design that makes these pillows different aims to solve several issues of back and neck pains along with snoring. Avoid ringing the pillow and dont wash the pillow in the washing machine.

It can also act as an acid reflux wedge pillow for side sleepers. A contour pillow tends to be made from memory foam and is designed to help align your spine and neck correctly.

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