Lesson 3 Using Contours To Determine Elevation

When the lines on. Figure 763 Tick marks drawn where elevation contours cross the edges of each TIN facet.

Topography What Is A Topographic Map Earth S Surface Shape Shown By Contour Lines Contour Lines Lines Connecting Points Of Equal Elevation Measure Ppt Download

A point four-tenths of the distance between the 27 m and 28 m contours would have an elevation of 274 meters.

Lesson 3 using contours to determine elevation. Using crayons or colored pencils color-code the map to show differences in elevation. This Contour Map Worksheet 3 Worksheet is suitable for 6th – 9th Grade. To exercise vertical control leveling work is carried out and simultaneously to exercise horizontal control chain survey or compass survey or plane table survey is to be carried out.

Save blue for seafloor contours. The run is the horizontal distance between two points. Contouring DTM and Design.

The grading elevation editor is accessed via the Modify panel on the ribbon in the C3D workspace. Contouring in surveying is the determination of elevation of various points on the ground and fixing these points of same horizontal positions in the contour map. A point half way between the 30 m and 40 m contours would have an elevation of 35 meters.

To get elevation as a shapefile we contour the DEM. 1 Click the desktop icon for Carlson and start-up Carlson Software. Contours make it possible to measure the height of mountains depths of the ocean bottom and steepness of slopes.

The spacing of the isopleths indicates how rapidly conditions are changing in the horizontal direction. If that is all the time you have and you have purchased the Civil Design program do this one first. It is also available in the right click menu when you select a feature line.

This is the easiest of the tutorials and could be completed in as little as three minutes. The gradient of a variable describes how much the variable changes over a given distance. Contours are to be placed every ten feet.

Use the contour function in Spatial Analyst to contour the DEM at 3 m intervals finer intervals will result in long computation times in the next step. Choose from 500 different sets of chapter 3 topographic maps flashcards on Quizlet. In cartography a contour interval is any space between contour lines representing a difference in elevation between the.

Lesson32IntroandSetupofLevelandFieldNotes Assignments SubmitAssignment31by610201510points. If the arrow is pointing toward the contour lines around your location your location is a higher elevation. Earth scientists answer five multiple choice questions about the topographical map atop the worksheet.

Use interpolation to determine the approximate elevation of any point between contour lines. Now draw ticks to mark the points at which elevation contours intersect each triangle side. Mark four points two on the endpoints and two between and draw the contours.

Examine each map to determine whether sea level the zero 0 elevation contour line is given. Learn chapter 3 topographic maps with free interactive flashcards. Use 430 m as the base contour.

You can also find it in the Grading pull down menu in the. AEC197C Week3 3. 68 L ESSON 3 Using Contours to Determine Elevation Reviewing Key Terms Fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete the following sentences.

When you are done with this map notice the spacing of the contours. If it is mark it with a colored pencil. 03-01-2011 1256 PM.

Each contour line connects points with the same. Intermediate Level To become adapt at contouring requires practice. Contours are imaginary lines that join points of equal elevation on the surface of the land above or below a reference surface such as mean sea level.

Name the resulting theme 3 m Elevation Contour. Locate the contour lines of dry landform featuresthose with elevations above sea level. For instance see the triangle side that connects the spot elevations 2360 and 2480 in the lower left corner of Figure 763.

To calculate slope of the land from contour maps one still needs to determine the rise and run. 13 Tips for Measuring Slope on Contour Maps. On a map the rise is the difference in elevation between two points.

D 300 feet There are to be three contour lines on this interval. Divide 300 feet by 3 to get one contour every 100 feet. Determining Elevation Through the Use of Contour Lines Contours are one of several common methods used to denote elevation or altitude and depth on maps.

Each line on a map is called a contour line. Use this as a quick assessment of understanding after having taught how to read contour lines and topographic maps. Determine the direction of the slope aspect from the index contour line to your location by drawing an arrow from the index contour line to the next higher elevation contour line.

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