Precautions After Contoura Lasik

Do use UV-protective sunglasses. Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK In order to prevent inadvertent rubbing of the eye but consult your surgeon beforehand CONTOURA Vision is a.

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Precautions after contoura lasik.

Precautions after contoura lasik. For instance patients suffering from higher prescription may take more time for recovery. Use the medications as prescribed. The fear is of catching an eye infection.

Contoura LASIK has been approved by USFDA for vision correction. Step 2 On the basis of the evaluation your surgeon devises a customised treatment plan derived from the data provided by TopolyzerVario by mapping the corneal irregularities using 22000 unique data points. In this video dr rahil Chaudhary explains what precautions to take after laser eye surgery for specs removal when to start your routine activities when to.

You want to avoid bright light outdoors and indoors until the eyes heal. Dont take a shower or wash your hair until the day after. Afterward the flap is placed back and left to heal without any need for stitches.

10 Precautions To Take After Lasik Surgery Take a nap for few hours immediately after the surgery. Your doctor instructs you to take rest for few hours after the. CONTOURA Vision creates a procedure thats completely unique to your eyes Your eye doctor might recommend that you use eyedrops during this time.

Rebranded under new name the complications with CONTOURA are all flap related as commonly seen in case of LASIK or any of its variants. Your eyes will be sensitive post-surgery like when having them dilatated. Any surgical procedure can get ones nerves on edge regardless of how minor it might be.

The Lasik can provide you with a standard 66 2020 vision whereas Contoura offers a better result with up to 65 2016 vision or better. Since the procedure involves making flap the chances of dry eyes and flap dislocation risks persists unlike in SMILE where there is no flap made. Specs removal surgery has never been easier.

During LASIK surgery a small flap of the cornea is lifted to reshape the underlying corneal tissues. Precautions to Take Before and After a Laser Eye Procedure. Avoid getting non-sterile water from shower hair.

Contoura Lasik will accurately reduce your glare difficulty in reading halos difficulty in night driving and so. No surgical procedure should be taken lightly. Post Procedure Instructions and Precautions post LASIK.

Still total time for recovery varies from one patient to another. Dramatic visual improvements can be noticed by most of the Lasik patients immediately after Contoura Vision Lasik procedure. In case the patient is found to have any retinal lesions like thinning hole tear then theyre first treated with barrage laser and after 1 to 4 weeks Contoura Vision LASIK is performed.

The scanning procedure samples up to 22000 elevation points on each eye to. Contoura surgery have no stitches no injections no pain no bandages and the patient may go home the same day of surgery. The precautions are fairly simple and would be similar to all irrespective of LASIK done.

After the surgery you must use the eye drops as. Because CONTOURA Vision requires surgeons to treat in minus cylinder all refractions are presented in minus cylinder to prevent confusion. After laser eye surgery take these precautions to prevent injury or infection.

DO NOT rub or touch your eyes and DO NOT squeeze your eyes. The cases range from a straightforward procedure to a case that was untreatable with other standard LASIK technologies. This indicates the safety efficacy and authenticity of this technology.

It is crucial to the healing of your eyes and your visual recovery that you follow all of these instructions exactly as directed. Contoura is nothing but Topo guided LASIK. LASIK surgery is the most common corrective refractive surgical procedure around the globe to correct astigmatism near-sightedness and far-sightedness.

It maps 22000 unique points on your cornea to precisely treat your eyes and deliver an unmatched outcome. CONTOURA Vision improves upon the traditional Wavelight LASIK procedure by using todays most advanced mapping technology to map the unique contours of the surface of your cornea. Follow the eye drop doses we provide you the eye drops for the immediate post LASIK period and put in.

Contoura LASIK Epi-LASIK or E-LASIK Contoura PRK KAMRA Corneal Inlay Trans EPI PRK Balanced Modified Monovision. The first week after LASIK you will be on eye drops which are antibiotics so that aspect is anyways taken care of.

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