Revit Topography Contour Lines

I checked the help page under show contour lines and show toposurface contour lines The model is only showing the lines that I created while making the toposurface. If you do use a mesh or 3D lines to create a Topo Revit simply takes the points from those elements and gives you no control in the generated mesh.

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Remember to always make the topo surface bigger than the site as it can then be trimmed back to the boundary lines using the Split Surface tool giving nice clean accurate edges to your site.

Revit topography contour lines. The environment plugin contains a tool called Floor Contours. The Revit Site API provides access to create the same toposurfaces that you would create with the Revit UI. Click Massing Site tab Modify Site panel Label Contours.

And with Dynamo you can extract all three Topo elements points contour lines and mesh entirely within Revit. In the meantime you can use the. It use triangulation to define the surface.

Click Massing Site tab Modify Site panel Label Contours. Contour labels display in site plan views. It also covers adding custom marker lines into the topo to note rivers lakes and flood planes.

Youll be asked to set the increment and the type of model lines to be used. When importing the CAD file into Revit do not select the Current View Only option. Check that only the topography lines are on these layers and not some other miscellaneous lines.

However you can also use ElementGeometry to extract the contour lines as curves. And most importantly how to adjust the contour lines contour line weights and contour line colors. Apply them in the Site Settings dialog little arrow next to Model Site on the Massing Site panel Video example below.

Labels display on the contour lines. This tool creates topo-points on the selected curves to allow the designer to build contour lines instead of placing points individually. Previously I found a button somewhere that showed them but havent been able to find it again.

Contours that are close to each other represent steeper slopes as compared to areas where contour lines are far apart. Contour labels display in site plan views. Contours or Contour Lines.

Revit analyzes the data and places a series of elevation points along the contour lines. You will be prompted to also save the image Now import your DWG into Revit and use it to make your Topography. How do you show contour lines in Revit.

Create a topographic surface with different elevations. Civil engineers typically label topography layers contours major contours andor minor contours. Once you have traced all your contours and set proper elevations save the DWG.

When importing contour data follow these requirements. In the CAD file to import each contour line must be positioned at the correct Z value. Here there are two separate settings for displaying contour lines.

Sets the type of contour lines to display. Contours are on or off Major or Minor. Its ok if there are other lines on other non-contour layers.

This video covers how to create topography using a linked CAD file. I assume the At Intervals button is just an older option that was never removed since it is both redundant and less versatile the contour lines created with this option will automatically be assigned to the Primary Contours subcategory. We are going to tell Revit which layers to import from this CAD drawing.

Select a value from the list. Revit – topography – customizing and adding contour lines by color and line type. But one could stack views on sheets.

Open a site plan view. By this I mean I dont want to see contour lines on the roads and path split sections purely for graphical reason. The imported CAD file must contain 3D information.

This is called Gradient. Sketch a line that intersects one or more contour lines. Topography in Revit can be tricky to manage for a number of reasons but I would say the most limiting factor is that you can only input points meaning you cannot input contour lines or a mesh.

Make the necessary subcategories of Topography in Object Styles. Create a topographic surface with different elevations. Create a Topo Surface from the linked dwg using the Contour or TIN linework from the linked dwg.

You can see this if you turn that subcategory on under the Topography category. Sketch a line that intersects one or more contour lines. The secondary contours are interpolated from the primary contour elevation and point location.

The At Intervals of radio button and the Additional Contours table. Select the floor and click on the tool. Thanks The direct answer is not on any one view.

Revit only uses points to define primary contours. If you create a floor like in the previous tip you wont have any contour lines. Contours or Contour lines are imaginary lines that connect points representing a level or elevation in relation to a base point or mean sea level.

Obviously what Revit wants is for you to use accurate data at all times so if you can get access to a proper DWG of the Contour Plan do that. To create a custom line style see Object Styles On the Object Styles dialog open the Model Objects tab and change settings under Topography. You can label contour lines to indicate their elevations.

There are a few different nodes you can use to query Topo. Open a site plan view. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting.

11- ADD TOPO MODEL LINES CONTOUR TO FLOORS. The most obvious and easy to find are TopographyMesh and TopographyPoints.

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